May 24, 2024
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Share Orlando’s Top 5 Park Tips

Top_Five_Park_Tips_Share_Orlando_Attraction_News_Family-02There are many tips on how to save money and time while in any of the Orlando theme parks. Here are my Top 5 Theme Park Tips…

  • Avoid long lines at the gate by purchasing your tickets in advance. The lines at the parks can get up to 90 minutes long. By having your tickets in hand when you get to parks, you will save you a lot of time. Also, remember to take pictures or photocopy each ticket when you purchase them. Most of the parks are really good about reprinting your tickets, if the get lost or wet. I suggest purchasing tickets through Kissimmee Guest Services, as they have great prices and awesome service.
  • Use the Disney Fastpass+ Option, Universal Express Pass and SeaWorld Quick Ques to save some time in line at the parks. The Disney Fast Pass is included in each ticket and you can actually book your Fast Pass options from home, up to 30 days in advance. How cool is that?! Although the Universal Express Pass and the SeaWorld Quick Queue is an additional cost, it might be worth the money to save a little time. Also, most of the parks have Single Riders Lines, so if you don’t mind riding the ride alone, that will save you some time in line as well.
  • Go to or stay at the attractions in the rain. We have found a ton of people leave the parks when it rains. Stay, grab a poncho and have fun. The crowds will be light and lines will be shorter because most everyone else is leaving the park. Plus what kid or adult for that matter, doesn’t like to play in the rain.
  • Sunblock! Yes, here in Florida the sun can be very brutal. Even in our coldest days, you will get a sunburn if you stay in the sun too long. We usually suggest an SPF 30 or more.
  • Bring bottle water and snacks into the parks. Most of the parks (with one or two exceptions) allow you to bring in anything other than glass bottles or alcohol into the parks. We suggest packing a small soft sided cooler, with bottled water, chips or some of your other favorite snacks. Remember that you will have to carry the cooler around all day, so make sure it is not too big or heavy. This will help you save money and keep the kids happy. One of my favorite tips when it comes to the bottled water, it to drink half of the water the night before, freeze the bottle on its side over night. Fill the bottles back up as needed and you will have ice cold water for most of the day.


While these are my top 5, I am sure there are many others. Do you have any? Feel free to share them in the comments!




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