May 24, 2024
Orlando, Florida USA
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Monster Jam is coming to Orlando this weekend!

Monster Jam

Monster Jam 2017 is in full effect!  And it’s coming to Orlando’s Camping World Stadium this weekend.  This is one action packed event you don’t want to miss.

My son and I were lucky enough to get tickets for Monster Jam in Tampa this past weekend.  It was awesome.  To be honest, neither one of us has ever been to a Monster Jam series before. But I promise it won’t be our last.  Here are my top three reasons why…

  1. The Trucks!  There is a reason why they call them Monster Trucks.  These trucks are 12 feet tall and almost just as long.  They can weigh as much as 12,000 pounds.  Average cost per truck is $250,000.  These things are massive.  The tires alone were about as tall as I am, and the body towers over everything.
  2. The Pit Party! The pit party is where you get to meet the drivers and the crew of all of trucks that are there for the competition.  You can get your picture taken with with the trucks, get an autograph from your favorite driver and ask all of the questions you like.  There is plenty of music and entertainment during this event as well.  The Pit Party tickets are only $10 and can be purchased along with your ticket, or on the day of.  I highly suggest this, as the kids will love it and so will you!
  3. The Action! The whole show is action packed. It starts with racing.  Trucks go head to head against the clock to see who can be the fastest around the track, the top 8 move on to the heard to head competition until these is only one truck left.  The bottom 8 move to the wheelie competition.  The wheelie competition is exciting.  It amazed me how the drivers, could get these massive trucks to stand up and move across the track on their back tires.  It as if they were walking on two legs. Lastly, everyone’s favorite was the freestyle competition.  This is where the trucks have two minutes to drive around the track, catching as much air and hang time they can while running over everything in their path.  The ramps and other obstacles would send these truck flying through the air.  I was seriously amazed at how high these trucks would fly through the air and how the drivers could keep them upright…. (most of the time)  The highlight of this event is when the Monster Energy Drink truck hit one of the ramps and did a complete back flip and landing back on all four tires.  So cool!

[powr-photo-gallery id=948af939_1484841509444]

As you can tell, my son and I had a blast at Monster Jam.  I highly suggest taking the family your family this weekend to Camping World Stadium and checking out the action yourself.  Tickets can be purchased in advanced at  Hope to see you there!!

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